Xbox One Opener

  • Creative Lead, Design Direction, Portfolio
  • Xbox One was made to be the ultimate gaming and entertainment system, and considered every aspect of the design and experience.

    The challenge was to take a look at the out of box experience and bridge the gap between the process of updating and setting up your Xbox One and landing on Xbox Home for the very first time. (more…)

    Xbox One Launch

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  • From Los Angeles to Berlin and Central Paris to Australia, Xbox One was released in 13 markets around the world. New York was one of the places the world of Xbox One came to life as zombies, Roman soldiers and supercars converged together all in Times Square.

    We set out to celebrate with our gamers and immerse New York with Xbox green. As Xbox One took over Times Square with the creation of synced content that looped for 10 hours of uninterrupted play on more than 30 screens. (more…)

    Xbox One Thomson Reuters Interactive

  • Creative Lead, Design Direction, Portfolio
  • Gamerpics, colors, the toast, and the welcome screen were the elements that made Xbox One personalized for every member of the family.  These were elements that made Xbox One dashboard uniquely yours.

    During the Xbox One Launch in Times Square, New York, the Thomson Reuters Building was turned into a Welcome Screen personally greeting Xbox Live members.  A website was created where you were able to login to your Xbox Live account, choose a color from the new Xbox One color palette, and a picture from the refreshed collection of gamerpics.  (more…)

    Xbox Music

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  • As the successor to Zune, Xbox Music was the cross-platform solution to be able to stream music from your consoles and all your devices.

    We focused on refining the music experience.  Exploring with motion to create ambient geometric visual scapes to enhance a user’s music session.

    Xbox E3 2012 Media Briefing

  • Design Direction, Portfolio
  • The 2012 E3 Xbox Media Briefing was the stage used to announce Xbox Smartglass app that connected your devices to become second screen experiences with the Xbox 360.

    Demos, prototypes, and visuals were created to run behind Marc Whitten as he announced Xbox Smartglass.

    Xbox Smartglass

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  • Smartglass is app that connected your devices to the Xbox 360 to create a second screen experience with whatever you were doing on your console. (more…)